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Our Philosophy

By definition, health and well-being are an effect of the whole person...emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual ergo Wholistic.  Our philosophy is to work cooperatively to affect beneficial change restoring balance to the whole person allowing the body to function optimally thereby achieving health and well being.

At Integrative Wholistic Solutions we offer Complimentary and Integrative Medicines (CIMs) along with Healing Arts and Lifestyle Coaching which, by design, compliment alopathic, naturopathic and other holistic medicines and therapies.

Our passion is to work together to restore health and well being to the whole person body, mind and soul.


All therapies are intended to be complimentary of all other medical treatments. They are not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  Our practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.  All services available to those 18 years of age and older and minors with consent of legal guardian.

Client Testimonials

Regina is truly a gifted healer.  It's like she sees into my body and soul the adjustments that need to be made, and after my sessions I feel very "in tune" with myself.  I leave with a feeling of wellbeing and confidence.  She is very intuitive and kind.  She has surprised me several times telling me something about myself I had trouble figuring out.  I feel like my chakra balancing heals my mind, body and spirit with her guidance.  - Kathy, Tulsa

"Sometime last year, I sought reiki and craniosacral treatments from Regina for stress headaches and jaw clenching. Little did I know my life was about to change! Not only did the treatments resolve my pain, but they did so much more for me than that. I left my sessions feeling lighter emotionally and mentally too, which is such a wonderful gift to offer someone. Do I recommend Regina as a healer, a teacher and an absolute expert in her field? Emphatically, yes! Don't wait one second longer to feel better!" - Jennifer, Tulsa

I have nothing but love and respect for Miss Regina! I found her by accident or so I thought but my soul knew where to find what it needed.  Regina is the most intuitive, loving guide I could ask for.  I was  emotionally hurt, physically ill and searching for belonging.  REGINA has helped me balance my life energies, and strive for peace and love in my life. From up to 7 different prescribed medications to absolutely none. I feel better now than I have in years! I can't thank her enough!  - Jamie, Tulsa

The treatment that Regina gave me for my trigeminal neuralgia was awesome! I had immediate relief. At the time my doctor had me on steroids and while I was with Regina I had a negative reaction to the steroids and almost passed out. This happened before Regina started her treatment on me. She helped me get through the reaction to the steroids and performed her treatment. I felt so much better afterwards. I immediately quit taking the steroids and because of Regina, I didn't need them anyways! She has also helped my fiancé with his reoccurring back problems that he kept experiencing. After a few visits and treatments from Regina, he has had no issues with his back. Regina not only provides successful treatments for your body, she also teaches you how to improve the well being of your mind and soul. She provides a very relaxing environment and I would describe the feeling as being compared to having a day at a relaxing spa. Thank you Regina for keeping us healthy and happy! - Stefanie, Tulsa

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*Applicable after New Client referral has booked and held their appointment.


Welcome to our weekly Global Reiki Share! During this time we invite you to offer Reiki to yourself, those whom you love and care about, your community/country, the world, situations, circumstances and events as well as one another who are gathered in this time and space.

Those who can are welcome to join us in the Integrative Wholistic Solutions Room during this time. Everyone is welcome to join in each Wednesday from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM your time. In this way there is a wave of Reiki being offered for 24 hours. 

Please use the Event Calendar below to RSVP your attendance. Thank you

Feel free to share this event 

~*~ Namaste

Regina Ann

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NEW Weekly Classes

Empower Your Potential to Achieve Your Heart/Life Purpose. Offering time proven techniques to empower everyone to achieve their heart/life purpose. Some class offerings include:

  • Creating and Empowering your Personal Affirmations
  • Harnessing the Power of Thought
  • Learning to Receive
  • Removing Your Roadblocks and More

NEW Community Conversations

Monthly gathering for shared conversations covering topics affecting us all as humanity and the planet undergo the shifting paradigms.

Meditation & The Master Key System 

The Master Key System is the original Law of Attraction guide book and the basis of the power behind The Secret. This is an in-depth study that details the universal laws applied to achieving your dreams. Visit the Events Page to learn more

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