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Passionately Restoring Health & Well Being

Our Philosophy

By definition, health and well-being are an effect of the whole person...emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.  Our philosophy is to work cooperatively to affect beneficial change restoring balance to the whole person allowing the body to function optimally thereby achieving health and well being.

At Integrative Wholistic Solutions we offer Complimentary and Integrative Medicines (CIMs) which, by design, compliment alopathic, naturopathic and other holistic medicines and therapies. Our passion is to work together to restore health and well being to the whole person body, mind and spirit.

Community Reiki

Integrative Wholistic Solutions is excited to announce the addition of Community Reiki to our services offered for your well being. Community Reiki is designed to allow more people the healing and relaxation that Reiki offers. By offering Reiki in a relaxing community setting each client pays $15-35 depending on what they can afford. (*$10 New Client Fee)

IN-PERSON Community Reiki is offered to as many as four (4) clients per one hour session in a relaxed healing environment. Each client is fully clothed, seated in a chair designed for relaxation while music plays. Essential oils are diffused into the room during these sessions adding an aromatherapy component to your experience.

DISTANCE Community Reiki is offered to you during the Community Reiki time.

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 An Open House Guided Tour

Client, Marion Carlon, offers a testimonial about his Reiki experience with Regina Ann

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